Mark A. Smith, B.A., M.S.M., Christian Author, Evangelist

and Entrepreneur


Finding the Christian Home Business Association


Once in a very great while a home business related program comes along that is so special it changes the way you look at your whole life situation and at home business opportunities.


The Christian Home Business Association and its income opportunity (generous new member referral bonuses) has been that special of an organization — and community — for me.


In the course of 20 years of some level of involvement in home business opportunities, I have researched and analyzed literally hundreds of home business programs. And guess what? None of them were designed to help Christian entrepreneurs with their total life situation like the Christian Home Business Association does. It is a unique organization that empowers its subscribers both spiritually and financially.


I believe that the Christian Home Business Association provides Christian entrepreneurs on tight budgets with the very best tools for success in their total life situation — financially and spiritually.


It will not be a good fit for greedy people or those who are looking for a miraculous get-rich-quick scheme. It doesn't promise you that you can make huge profits in a short time. What it does offer, however, is very rare and wonderful: it's a realistic, user-friendly, faith-based organization that helps you and others while providing you with the option of building a steady and growing monthly income from new member referral bonuses.


Let me save you several years of frustration and losing money by assuring you that most of the home business services and opportunities you read and hear about are not going to work out well for you. Many are scams; others will simply have a very short shelf life; and yet others, while perfectly legitimate, are not structured in a way that ordinary people with ordinary incomes can get into profit with and remain in profit with for the long haul.


The Christian Home Business Association inspires and motivates me as no other home business resource has ever done, and I thank God for leading me to it on a daily basis.


I will be happy to talk with you on the phone or communicate with you by email if you are interested in joining the Christian Home Business Association.



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Regina Baker, Certified Biblical and Business Coach


As a Certified Biblical, Internet Business and eCommerce Consultant, I am exposed to a lot of so-called home business opportunities. I’m also a natural born networker, so I often join forces with Christian entrepreneurs who are authors, teachers, and experts on various aspects of home-based businesses.


All this is to say that I’ve seen and done a whole lot for a whole lot of years when it comes to home businesses and working with Christian entrepreneurs both online and offline. So, bearing all that in mind, I want to let you know that in my opinion, the Christian Home Business Association is a unique and wonderful organization.


I recommend the Christian Home Business Association without reservation. I feel it is an anointed undertaking, imbued with a true Christian spirit of giving and serving.


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Brother Dave Robertson, Christian Entrepreneur


It is hard for me to express just how relieved and excited I was to find and then join the Christian Home Business Association. I knew from the moment that I first read about it that it was different and special. Now that I've been a member awhile, I have formed the conviction that the Christian Home Business Association is an anointed organization that will be a blessing to many. It not only provides wonderful Christian inspiration and home business information and services, but it also lets me earn money by referring new members.


Before coming across the Christian Home Business Association, I had spent years dealing with all the usual home business "opportunities" and programs, buying stamps and mailing lists and envelopes and photocopying hundreds of flyers and spending — and losing — hundreds of dollars.


As a former missionary, and a private, deeply religious man, I am first of all a servant of the Lord Jesus and secondly an entrepreneur who happens to have chosen to make extra income from my home.


The Christian Home Business Association gives me a way to combine both those aspects of my life, and upholds me in both those aspects of my life, and this has been a great blessing for me.”


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