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About Bibles

What are the different English Bible translations?


Modern English Bible Translations


Which Bible should I use?

Bible Studies | Bible References | Apologetics ~ Helping You Defend

Your Faith! | Knowledge is Key In Defending and Proclaiming Your Faith

apologetics |əˌpäləˈjetiks|

pluralnoun [ treated as sing. or pl. ]

reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something,

typically a theory or religious doctrine.



Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics



Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry


For Biblical and Theological Research


Online Bible and Study Tools


Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
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Daily Devotionals | Daily Bible Verses

Audio Bible - Have the Word Read to You!

The MacArthur Daily Bible by John MacArthur @

Daily Reading Online

Bible Activities & Studies For Kids

Kids Answers


Bible Lessons for Kids


Free Bible Activity Sheets



Teen Resources


Ignite Your Faith | Christian Answers to Teen Questions


Youth for Christ Ministry Locations & Resources


Free Resources for Youth Ministry | The Source 4 YM


Youth Ministry Resources | Dare2Share

Buy Bibles for Everyone, Everywhere Large Print Bibles
 Childrens Bibles Bibles in over 200 Languages




Downloadable Sermons, Links to Listen to Sermons Online

Sermons & Studies You Can Listen to on the Web

Harvest Fellowship, Brighton, CO, USA


Dr. Charles Stanley | In Touch Ministries


John MacArthur | Grace to You


Charles R. Swindoll


Links to Christian Churches, Christian Church Directories

Christian Church Directories

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Christian Family Resources

Focus on the Family | Helping Families Thrive


Common Sense Media | We Rate, Educate and Advocate for Kids, Families & Schools - Movies, Books, Games and more!


Christian Family Vacation & Field Trip Ideas

The Creation Museum ~ Petersburg, Kentucky, USA



Future Adventures | Ark Encounter ~ Learn More or Donate




Links to Christian Clubs, Groups, Social Networks

Christian Clubs

Faith Christian Center | Christian Women's Online Book Club

Links to shop for Christian Gifts, Christian Decor, Christian Greeting Cards, Christian Books, Christian Jewelry, Christian Clothing

Purchase Bibles for Everyone, Everywhere Large Print Bibles Childrens Bibles Bibles in over 200 Languages

Shop for Christian Gifts & Greeting Cards


Christian Jewelry for Youth Christian Gifts for Him Christian Gifts for Her


Inspirational Garden Decorative Crosses Scripture Pottery




  DaySpring Jewelry

Buy Christian & Inspirational Books, Lifestyle Books


Christian Magazines & Other Periodicals for the Whole Family

Walk Thru the Bible

Magazines, Devotionals, Study Tools and More for Adults, Youth, Young Children, Individuals, Families, Groups and Churches


Optimal Living Magazine



Purchase Christian, Family, Inspirational and Lifestyle DVDs and Movies

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Shop for Christian Clothing, T-Shirts, Attire

Christian & Inspirational Radio

K Love

Positive Encouraging ~ Contemporary Christian Music, Internet Radio


Denver’s Christian Station

Christian Music

Watchfire Music - The Trusted Destination for Inspirational Music

Christian Music Lover’s Merchandise

Christian Videos

Watch & Share Christian Videos; Music Videos by Your Favorite Christian Artists


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