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    ABOUT | Traffic Exchanges are a dime a dozen these days, and it is hard to find really good ones, most are garbage sites, with inattentive owners and are loaded with viruses and junky sites to view — and — zero audience for your sites!


    I have posted the select few below because they keep up on their content so you are not seeing broken URLs and dead websites constantly, they’ve got something different from all the others to keep your surfing experience interesting (face the facts: surfing TEs is just plain boring most of the time!), and they have a large if not HUGE member base that will see your ads and sites.


    Remember, using services such as traffic exchanges is not just about "sales". You are branding yourself and getting people familiar with your business; it is an opportunity to build your list (use your lead capture pages at TEs) and then push your purchase demands on your subscribers at a later date; and, many TEs now have Live Chats so it is as much about the social aspect of building relationships with others that can bring you not only future sales, but also personal referrals!


    Final Note: Be sure to always have up to date, active virus protection running on your computer prior to surfing any traffic exchange.





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